The fine print

Workflow & Procedure

  1. Initial contact between you and I.
  2. We discuss your requirements in detail, and set expectations.
  3. I send you an official quoatation, listing the deliverables and features.
  4. If you accept and sign the quotation, we move to the next step.
  5. A storyboard is created, with details user interface (UI) design (if in scope of the deliverables).
  6. After you sign of on the storyboard and UI design, I proceed to development stage.
  7. After development and my internal testing completion (or at each milestone), I send the system to you for testing.
  8. If you are satisfied with the test results, we sign off on project acceptance and closure.
  9. As part of project closure, I will provide all other deliverables which we agreed on, such as source code and documentation.

Delivery may be in the form of email, upload to a mutually accessible server, or other methods mutually agreed upon.

Return & Refund

A portion of the total project value is collected after a quotation is issued, before commencement of any design/development work. The remainder is collected at various stages and milestones throughtout the project development duration, as listed in the quotation.

Since payment is collected at agreed upon milestones, after completion of related design or development effort, and after your acceptance of the completed work, I do not usually do refunds. However, if you believe the quality or completeness of work delivered by me is not up to standard, I am willing to refund to you the entirety of the latest payment milestone.

If there is a significant dissatisfaction with my delivered work after project closure, and if I deem the request to be genuine and sincere, I am open to working with you for a mutually acceptable compromise. However, if you claim to be dissatisfied with my work while continuing to use it for its originally intended purpose, publicising the features you now have, or claim disatisfaction due to items not originally listed in the scope of deliverables, that constitutes an unreasonable and insincere request, which I reserve the right not to entertain.


I strive to deliver the finest work I am capable of, and delivering work to a customer's satisfaction. If there are any reasonable complaints, I will do my utmost to rectify it or come to an amicable solution :-)